Time-lapse Incubation

Time-lapse incubators represent a significant advancement in embryo culture technology at Oasis, offering several advantages over traditional methods. In conventional benchtop incubation systems, embryos need to be temporarily removed for assessment under a microscope, disrupting their stable growth environment. This interruption can potentially impact the delicate conditions necessary for optimal embryo development.

Advanced Technology

At Oasis, time-lapse incubators are equipped with cameras that continuously monitor embryos without the need for removal. This continuous monitoring allows embryologists to observe the embryos’ development in real-time, gaining insights into their unique developmental patterns and overall quality. Unlike traditional methods that rely on static images at isolated time points, time-lapse technology provides a comprehensive video record of the embryo’s journey from fertilisation to blastocyst stage.

The ability to analyse time-lapse footage enables embryologists to make more informed decisions regarding embryo grading and prioritisation for transfer or freezing. By capturing detailed developmental milestones and anomalies, this technology enhances the understanding of each embryo’s viability, potentially increasing the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Increased Transparency

Moreover, at the end of the cycle, Oasis offers patients the opportunity to receive time-lapse footage of their selected embryos. This not only provides transparency and reassurance but also allows patients to personally witness the early stages of their embryos’ development from fertilisation through to reaching the blastocyst stage.

Overall, time-lapse incubation at Oasis underscores our commitment to optimising embryo culture conditions, minimising disruptions, and maximising the likelihood of achieving successful pregnancies through advanced technology and informed decision-making.